Soy Protein Concentrate

Product Detail

Prosoy 65

Prosoy 65 is a high quality soy protein concentrate specially designed for the animal feed industry. The unique Prosoy 65 production process makes the soy protein highly digestible by inactivating the anti-nutritional factors and removing the soluble carbohydrates. These properties combined with exceptional palatability make Prosoy 65 has no addition limitations.



Crude Protein (as is, min)                 65%

Moisture (max)                                  8%

Trypsin Inhibitor Activity (max)        3 mg/g

Antigen Activity: glycinin (max)       20 mg/kg

b-conglycinin (max)         10 mg/kg

Entero’s (max)                                 100 cfu/g

Salmonella                                        negative/25g

TPC (max)                                         50.000 cfu/g

Particle size                                      min. 90%  0.3-0.8mm

Mean particle size                            0.5mm


Typical nutritional value   (% as is) 

Crude Protein                       65

Moisture                                7

Crude Ash                             6

Crude Fat                               1

Crude Fiber                           4

Nitrogen Free Extract:

Soluble                                 1.5

Insoluble                              15


Other data (typical value):

PDI (in water)                           5%

Trypsin Inhibitor Activity          2 mg/g

Antigen Activity glycinin         10 mg/kg

b-conglycinin          5 mg/kg

Saponin                                    Not Detected

Method of Analysis

Crude Protein    AOAC Official Method 984.13

Moisture           AOCS Official Method Bc 2-49

Crude fat               GB/T 6433

Crude fiber            GB/T 6433

Crude ash              GB/T 6438


Trypsin Inhibitor Activity  AOCS Ba 12-75

Antigens               TNO Sandwich ELISA

Salmonella             AOAC 960801

Entero’s                    AOAC Official Method 991.14

Particle size             GB/T 5917.1-2008



Packaging: 25 kg bags

Shelf life: 2 years after production date when stored in a cool dry place

Storage: Storage below 25ºC and below 60% relative humidity promotes longer shelf life